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Product Introduction (filter press)

The filter press is the intermittent filter equipment which is used for suspention to remove solids from liquids, it's used for wide range of industry and possesses of good efficiency of seperation. Hengda first developed transparent polypropylene membrane filter plates, with the appearance of a beautiful, high squeezing pressure, long life, high solid filter cake and corrosion resistance and other characteristics, the majority of users.
 "Hengda" filter press has many outstanding features : fast filtration, high dehydration, high automatization, nontoxic, stable capability and easy operation. Moreover, the plate can stand high temperature and press as well as anticorrosion and sealing. Available filter press types : manual jack-type, manual hydraulic, electrical hydraulic, automatic plate pulling type, simultaneously plate-full opening type, PLC controlling type, side bar type, over-beam type., Available filter plate types are plate-and-frame type, chamber type,  integrated polypropylene membrane type, rubber membrane type, CGR filter cloth type. The available sizes of filter plates : 280310, to 2000  2000 with the endurable working pressure: 0.6MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa, 2.5MPaetc. Its working temperatures vary from -40-120C and filter area from 0.16 to 1600 square meters.
Our filter press is manufactured accord to industry standard of State Mechanical Ministry strictly such as JB/4333-2005. We have passed State Mechanical Equipment Inspection Center spot test and we have gained certification of eligibility, as well as environmental protection secondary product certificate attestation of Zhejiang province China. The filter press serves many industry with a great variety of size,feeding position and washing pattern. Excellent design is the beginning of saving,good service is the guarantee of development.
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