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PP membrane filter Press

PP Membrane filter press Technical Features

1¡¢PP membrane filterplate is made through mold pressing with polypropylene and the import elastomer£¬high in strength£¬light in weight£¬corrosion resistant,non¡ªpoisonous and no smell£®
2¡¢Improve the filter cake solid content£¬high in strength of filter cake£¬easy in discharge cake£®
3¡¢Membrane squeezing technology£¬the cracks in the filter cake can be compacted£¬the washing time is short and effective£¬less use of washing water£®
4¡¢Using the feed pressure is 0.6Mpa-1.6Mpa£®0.6Mpa-2.5Mpa squeezing pressure ofthe filter pressure to ensure the best conditions for the formation of filter cake and pressure filtration¡£
5¡¢PP membrane filter press can also be configured automatically pull board system£®which only operate  control buttons on the control cabinet can be automated£¬greatly reducing the work intensity and improve   efficiency£®
6¡¢May dehydrate directly moisture 95£¥above sludge(such as£ºindustrial sludge£¬cities towns sewage£¬etc)    disposable to 55£¥-38£¥levels£¬has made the revo1utionary breakthrough of sludge machinery dehydration   technology£®

PP Membrane filter press Pipeline diagram

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